Delisun wraps with Chia and Flax 360g

Delisun wraps with Chia and Flax 360g

Delicious, easy and fun

A delicious combination of wheat tortilla and chia and flax seeds for your lightest and tastiest recipes. Taking care of yourself has never been easier and more fun. Ideal for canapé or as a delicious main course.

Ingredients:  Wheat flour (66%), Water, vegetable fat (palm), stabilizer (E-422), seeds (chia- Salvia hispanica 0.8%, golden linen 0.5%, brown linen 0.5%), salt, emulsifier of plant origin (E-471, palm and/or oilseeds), acidity regulators (E-296, E-330), preservatives (E-202, E-282), gasifying agent (E-500ii), thickener (E-415), flour treatment agent (E-920). Contains gluten.

Boxes / Pallet:


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